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RHDA, Rittick Hazarika Design Associates is the proprietorship design practice lead by Architect Rittick Hazarika, a Graduate from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, 1998. He spent his early years working with Gautam Bhatia's of Architecture Alliance, New Delhi before starting on his own in Guwahati in 2003.

Since its start, RHDA has strived to achieve high quality projects that respond to the contemporary architectural challenges. It believes in creating projects that explore diverse architectural possibilities and are true to the region where it is situated and its intended use.

RHDA believes in approaching every project differently and being constantly informed by its experiences over the years. Over the years it has gained considerable experience in working with various materials like Concrete, Glass and Steel etc and is constantly exploring new materials and details. It has a wide range of Clients and projects which encompass various categories including Luxury Residences, Hotels and Resorts , Residential Apartments, Gated Community Developments and Green Buildings etc.

In 2011, Rittick Hazarika entered into a partnership with CADMETRIC Consulting, whereby he became a partner in this premier multidisciplinary consultancy company with a portfolio comprising of Master Planning, Architecture, Specialized Engineering Projects, Green Buildings and Project Management works. Its endeavor is to provide a comprehensive and multi disciplinary approach to Consultancy which can respond to the demands of growing Construction industry.

Rittick Hazarika is also interested in working with a traditional vernacular material: Bamboo and has worked for many years on various projects exploring the material and developing details and best practices for the same.

Rittick Hazarika

Born in Digboi, Assam, Rittick Hazarika moved to Delhi in 1993 to study architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. After his graduation in 1998, he joined architect Gautam Bhatias Practice in Delhi and worked on many award winning projects like the Devigarh Heritage Hotel and the Monolith Resort at Nainital.

In 2002 he moved to Guwahati and tried out working with vernacular materials like Bamboo and wood. He has a keen interest in furniture design and has collaborated in some Product design projects involving wood and bamboo. He is now the proprietor of Rittick Hazarika Desgn Associates and a partner at Cadmetric Consulting.

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