Dispur Supermarket and OIL pipeline Tract

  • Location: Guwahati
  • Area: Dispur Supermarket and OIL pipeline Tract.
  • Status:Proposal to Government of Assam

The dispur supermarket area is of great geographilcal importance due to its location and some key features abutting it. This concept proposes the conversion of this into a moderns urban centre and interchange complex where various modes of transport converge with modern daily markets and other essential facilities. A key component of this proposal is the conversion of the oil pipeleine tract into a greenway with cycle tracks and pedestruuialn facilities. This facility can connect this urban centre to a large parts of the city extending from Narengi upto to ISBT campus.

Another key feature is the pedestrian overpass connecting three major roads passing through the area with a new multilevel parking and daily market complex. These developments along with the metro station in the future will convert this place inta major urban centre and interchange that will drastically improve the public transport scenario of the city.

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